Treatise on Sports Medicine Applied to Sex
New edition


A practical guide to training for the most important bouts and to rehabilitation for the most embarrassing flops of our lives


Is it possible to consider sex an athletic event? Can sport medical criteria be used to analyze intercourse in terms of its physiological variables? Finally, can specific training methodologies be identified to achieve maximum performance in sexual activity and rehabilitation protocols to recover from any failures? No coach would send an athlete into the field who is not suitably prepared for a specific physical effort or suitably rehabilitated after a possible injury, yet millions of people continually repeat the sexual act without having reference systems to evaluate their performance and to try to improve it. Using this original approach, sex as a sport intends, between seriousness and irony, to offer a medical-sports interpretation of sex, highlighting training sessions suitable for preparing for the most important matches of our lives and specific rehabilitation protocols to avoid the most embarrassing flops.

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from March 1, 2023