Bruno Fabbri

Born in Mondavio in the province of Pesaro on 17 September 1958. In 1977 he enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna where he graduated in 1983.

foto Bruno Fabbri

In 1980, after having achieved the average completion in piano, he moved to the Veneto region, to Abano Terme, where he began his career as a middle school teacher, which he abandoned in 1989.

After his military service at the Modena Academy in 1985, in 1988 he specialized in sports medicine at the University of Bologna, and also obtained the Diploma in Music Teaching at the Pollini Conservatory of Padua.

Subsequently, he specialized in medical hydrology at the Second University of Naples (1999). He was director of the Sports Medicine Center in Padua from 1994 to 2000 and participated in the Post-Flight Rehabilitation of the Russian Cosmonauts in The Thermal Euganean thermal rehabilitation program of the Russian cosmonauts from the Mir station at the Terme Euganee. From February 2000 to 2020, he was registered with the Order of Journalists of Veneto. He was president of the municipal council of Abano Terme from 1997 to 2001, then councilor for social services.

He was a DCO Doping control officer of the Italian Sports Medical Federation until 2009 and a collaborator of the Italian Cycling Federation, the Bowls Federation and the Italian Boxing Federation, of which he was also a federal doctor in 2017. He collaborated with motor sports for the Federation of Italian Motorcycling and for the ACI Automobile Sports Commission. On the musical and artistic side, in addition to the CD "Seri si muore" with Robert and his Deniri, he created the soundtrack for the comedy "Quella Notte sulla Luna" by Gianfranco Natoli, took part, with small appearances, in the filming of Carlo Mazzacurati's films "la Lingua del Santo" and "I am Li". In 2020, he graduated from the Padua Conservatory in principal piano. In 2021, he participated together with te Olympic walker Alex Schwazer in the ninth edition of the Beijing Express.